Welcome to the Alchemist’s Laboratory.

Here you’ll find notes on the theories and experimentations of life. Research on discovering one’s purpose, and transforming a basic, boring, or unhappy life into one that is extraordinary. Here we create a space to learn, to feel, to heal and to grow. We create a space for clarity of mind, for validation of soul, for connection and understanding. You are here for a reason.

Pleasure to meet you…

The Alchemist

My friends call me Bee. You might be wondering who I am and why you should care. I can’t say I blame you. There are plenty of supposed experts floating around the internet. I don’t claim to be an expert. In fact, though I’m well into my 30s now, I’d still easily describe myself as a child. I’m still learning. I’m still growing, at least in the mental and spiritual sense. I still feel as though there is so much more I haven’t learned yet. So many things to discover and experience. However, I am wise enough to know that my journey so far, the experiences I’ve had and the knowledge I’ve gained, can be useful for those who’ve not come as far as I have.

I’m an introvert and an artist. I’m also an empath, making me a little extra sensitive to the energies and emotions of others. I spent most of my life feeling alone, alienated, insecure and constantly worried about the opinions of others. I had little to no self-worth and as a typical female, I hated my body. My value was entirely dependent upon whether or not other people liked me, validated me, and accepted me. I spent years worrying about the what-ifs, clinging on to past hurt, and allowing my fears to dictate my future.

I’ve also always been a very curious person. My biggest curiosity has been the human mind. Why we think/feel/believe/do what we think/feel/believe/do. I majored in psychology in college and spent a great many years in theological study. People fascinate me. I study their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions. What pushes them. What holds them back. I find patterns, seek truths, and continue to ask why.

My ‘research’ has helped me overcome my own self-doubt and insecurities. I have built up my perceived worth. I have healed and I’ve grown. I’ve found my purpose. I’ve discovered a sort of peace that I wish I could offer to a younger version of myself. It’s a sense of security and ‘knowing’ that could have saved me so much pain and confusion. Since I can’t go back in time, I can at least offer this to others. We’re all on different paths, with different destinations, but I very strongly believe that people come together for a reason. When you meet someone new you have something to give them and they, you. Some lesson, some experience, something of value, though it’s almost never immediately obvious. I am as excited to share my story and knowledge with you as I am to hear yours and learn from you.

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